Shift Function Stickers for your Korg electribe 2 Synth or Sampler

Can't remember which pad is for which shift function?

Our clear vinyl shift stickers will help you make music without hold-ups! They provide the shift function names right above and below the pads without unsightly labels, skins or overlays. You'll receive one set with 4 peel-off sticker strips. The permanent adhesive means our stickers will stay in place for years. They look great and match the sleek design of your Korg electribe 2.

As easy as
1, 2, 3, 4

Simply stick the four laser-cut strips in the positions shown

Easy to read in low light conditions

Perfect for those late night jams!

Compatible with all electribe 2 versions

Synthesizer (Grey/Blue) and Sampler (Black/Red)

Instructions and Video

1) Peel off sticker strip number 1. Avoid touching the sticky side too much as this will reduce the amount of adhesive.

2) Position it on your electribe above pads 1-4. (Note: the positions for each sticker strip are shown in the diagram printed on your set, or as in the diagram above.)

3) To help position it nicely hold the ends lightly and position it just above the pads 1-4 with the text centred to each pad below. Leave a few millimetres gap between the sticker strip and pad recesses.

4) If you need to reposition the sticker carefully peel it from one end and realign. Do not do this too many times or after it has been stuck down for more than a few seconds as this will reduce adhesion. Do not pull the strip as vinyl will stretch!

5) When you are happy with the position press firmly across the length of the sticker. In particular ensure the ends of the strip are pressed firmly for a few seconds.

6) Repeat the steps above for sticker strips 2, 3 and 4.

7) Allow 24 to 48 hours for the adhesive to bond firmly. You should avoid touching the strips during this time.

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